Chris Renty



About me


Chris RentyI studied sculpture and fine art at the Central School of Art in London. Then after graduation I took a film course and pursued a career in film and television, working mostly in current affairs and documentaries. This work has taken me around the world to fifty countries and into many situations and places that are difficult to access. These experiences have exposed me to famine, war, abject poverty and fabulous wealth, which have given me a privileged insight into the human condition and has been a source of inspiration for my work.


During this time I also became an accomplished photographer. This skill has enabled me to collect visual information in situations where time and other pressures inhibited the use of a sketchbook.


Since the early nineties I stepped up my artwork to a semi professional level and started to exhibit my work in London galleries. In 2003 I was invited to take part in an exhibition at the Glyndebourne Festival Operas. Also in 2003 I began to design and make large costumes for Flamingo Carnival Arts for the annual Notting Hill Carnival and have designed for them ever since.


Late in 2003 and in 2004 I took time out to do volunteer teaching in Art and English in Ghana and Nepal and have since then continued to do workshops with children in carnival design.