Chris Renty





In 2003 I spent 8 weeks volunteer teaching in Art and English to underprivileged children at Kpobikorpe primary school Accra Ghana through a Ghanaian charity Friends of the Earth Network. I taught 5 to 12 year olds drawing, painting, collage, mask making and performance. We also completed a large mural painted by class 6. The art classes were so popular that the children often stayed in class during their break periods.


The following year I spent another 8 weeks volunteer teaching the same subjects at Global Collegiate School in Pokhara Nepal at primary and secondary level, through the charity Insight Nepal. Once again the children had never experienced art classes before and it was a joy to see their creativity released, even some of the teachers used to come to the classes. We had art workshops during their school holidays and the older students were assisted in doing murals to brighten up the playground.